Company owner

Dr. Detlef Kalweit

Detlef Kalweit
Ph.D. Graduate Chemist, born in 1960

Initial and continuing education / certificates

• Environmental management, advanced training (certified by DAA Hochrhein)
• Quality management auditor (certified by TÜV Rheinland)
• Quality manager (certified by TÜV Rheinland)
• Quality management representative (certified by TÜV Rheinland)
• University of Basel, dissertation at the Institute of Color Chemistry, degree Ph.D.
• University of Düsseldorf, chemistry studies, diploma thesis at the Institute of Organic
  Chemistry, degree Graduate Chemist

Professional career:

Career start-up at Sandoz AG Basel in 1992, hereinafter more than 20 years of professional experience in the Swiss Specialty Chemicals Industry (Sandoz, Clariant, Archroma) with the focus on R & D of reactive dyestuffs for the textile industry, regulatory aspects in the handling of textile and paper chemicals/ dyestuffs as well as in practicing and improving of an effective quality and environmental management.

The most relevant professional activities at a glance:

• Customer support as part of an effective quality management system (QMS), combined
  with providing numerous statements on ecological and toxicological aspects of paper and
  textile chemicals/ dyestuffs

• Product registrations within the scope of compatibility tests under ecological and
  toxicological aspects according to legal requirements as well as to customer-defined textile
  and chemical standards

• Organization and monitoring of analytical studies of relevant ecological and toxicological
  parameters to maintain an effective quality and environmental management system

• Creating and updating of a legal register with the focus on European and international
  chemicals and environmental legislation, including customer-defined established textile and
  chemical standards

• Coordination of the in-house implementation of regulatory requirements

• Guidance and support of internal supplier and compliance audits

• International Experience due to the company-internal establishment of a new Regulatory
  Affairs department at the Clariant plant in Tianjin/ China with the focus on customer support,
  product registration and quality management; supplemented by internal training courses of
  new employees as well as external trainings/ lectures with business customers

• Laboratory manager in the R + D of reactive dyes, during this period support and training
  of new employees, implementation of numerous product developments and operating
  introductions as well as issuing of several patent publications on reactive dyes

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