Helpful Links

The following links provide a good overview of current regulatory requirements from the following topics:

> Biocides and cosmetics
> Chemicals
> Environment
> Foodstuffs

> Textile labels and standards

The attached lists contain mainly laws, regulations and directives of the European Union (EU). In some cases, references to internationally recognized agreements are also made. As to German regulations, please note that most of those documents are only written in German language. Therefore, only one document was considered, namely the English version of the “BfR Recommendations on Food Contact Materials”. For more information concerning German regulations, please use the overview, which is given in the German text section of this website.

In this context, it is expressly pointed out that the documents listed here are only a selection of current regulatory requirements. Accordingly, there is no claim to completeness of the listed statutory and regulatory requirements.

The documents, which are listed in the topic "Foodstuffs", are of interest especially to the paper, cardboard and plastics processing industries with especial emphasis on migration properties of given chemical substances.

Especially under the focus of the textile processing industry a selection of current textile labels and standards has been included, which are usually characterized by so-called Restricted Substances Lists (RSL). This means that numerous chemical substances are only intended for a restricted use regarding their application or their permitted limiting concentrations. Please also note that the given overview of textile labels and standards as listed in the corresponding topic "Textile labels and standards" does not claim to be complete. The given listing is only intended to provide a general overview of the most common textile labels and standards.

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